Jean Doyle Bronzes

Bronze Sculptures

Jean Doyle is an internationally-recognised sculptor from South Africa whose trademark of the fuller female-figure offers interesting social critiques.

Please explore the website further where Jean Doyle has presented several aspects of her bronze work – the Spirit of Women bronze sculptures, the African Images, some Miniature bronzes and Life-size bronze sculptures.


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Jean has won international commissions which include the famous Just Nuisance in Simon’s Town, South Africa, two diamond miners for Diamonds South Africa (Pty) Ltd; and Kifangondo, Angola’s National Monument which depicts National Freedom. Kifangondo is considered to be one of the largest artworks on the African Continent – it weighs just under 8 tonnes, stands 9 metres high and took just under a year to complete.

"Jean Doyle's work is renowned all over the world and her veneration of the fuller female figure has become a trademark of her work as well as a tool for social commentary."

Zanele Mkeki

First Lady, South Africa

"Jean Doyle is one of South Africa's leading sculptors. Jean integrates images of Africa with the influence of European culture. Her realism cloaks universal truths and hides a sometimes revolutionary spirit."

"Her work is an investigation into the character of woman. The woman is presented as bold, capable and confident. Her body is as bounteous as her beauty. She exudes resilience, strength and warmth."

“The brave man is not he who does not feel afraid, but he who conquers that fear.”

Nelson Mandela

President of South Africa

Jean Doyle with Madiba

Jean at awards ceremony for presentation of statue to Nelson Mandela on 12 March 2001

A never ending display of beauty

The Artist at Work

Nhlangulene standing over 3.5m tall!

Just Nuisance