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Jean Doyle has had numerous solo exhibitions and has taken part in many group exhibitions. Her work is in private collections all over the world.

Her public and corporate commissions include the statue “Just Nuisance” in Jubilee Square Simonstown, a bust of the founder of Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens, as well as memorial sculptures to many corporate chairmen. Jean has recently completed one of Angola’s National Monuments. This magnificent bronze stands 9 meters high and weighs 8 tons.

Jean is a member of the South African Institute of Foundrymen. The ancient art of casting by the lost wax method (cire perdue) is incorporated with modern ceramic shell techniques. All the work is cast by the Doyle Art Foundry, which opened in 1980. The artist is thus able to work in close collaboration with the skilled and experienced foundry technicians to create her marvellous and satisfying bronzes

Jean Doyle’s work is renowned all over the world and her veneration of the fuller female figure has become a trademark of her work as well as a tool for social commentary.

Her work is an investigation into the character of woman. The woman is presented as bold, capable and confident. Her body is as bounteous as her beauty. She lacks nothing. Her self-image remains intact and indifferent to fashionable trends. She exudes resilience, strength and warmth.

These sculptures exhibits the diversity of the cultural heritage of our land. Our rich mythological tradition is interwoven with normal daily activity. It is a delicious and sumptuous presentation….


Each idea fragment that spills from your mind must be met by a resounding “YES”. The more you love the seedlings that sprout in your mind, the more fertile the mind itself becomes. Your objective is to open the channel between you and the universal archetype of creativity (creation), not to evaluate how the fruit will taste from the tree that might grow from the seed you see. Each “YES” loves the channel more open. Each “NO” closes it. Put your ideas in a context where they will be loved into existence by you and met with a “YES” both by you and by others. Once each idea begins to develop and mature, then step back and evaluate it. There will be a point when your channel is so open that trashing your ideas cannot close it – and that’s when you will experience brilliance.